[MV] Se7en – Somebody Else

Source- officalSe7en

[MV] SPYAIR – My World

Of course my post in half a year would have to be from the best, SPYAIR <3

Brand new music video just uploaded on the net, from their upcoming single “My World” (hits shelves on March 1!).

“My World” (Can dailymotion not be embedded anymore???)

[Teaser] Led Apple (레드애플) – Time is Up

source: Loen Entertainment

[Teaser] Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love feat. Park Shin Hye

Lee Seung Gi recently released the teaser to his Japanese debut single: Time for Love MV

[Teaser] Shinhwa Comeback

Shinhwa released a logo teaser for their comeback in February

[MV] BEG: Miryo – Dirty

Brown Eyed Girl’s, Miryo, released her solo MV titled: Dirty

[Teaser] EXO – Debut

SM’s soon to debut duo, EXO, has released 12 teasers to debut single/MV

Head over to the SM Youtube Channel to see all 12 teasers

[MV] B.A.P- Warrior

New boy!band B.A.P of TSEntertainment just recetly released their debut single, Warrior

[MV] Sunny Hill- Grasshopper Song