[Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

2NE1 was ecstatic after winning last night’s Music Bank and put on an amazing encoure performance which pepped up the others to dance with them on stage. And if my eyes aren’t lying to me Big Bang’s G-dragon was there to support them<3 >.> then again it was probably my eyes… now i can’t find him.

Unfortunately SBS has teamed up with youtube and is attempting to delete everything which is not authorized. The audio is being cut out of several songs (as what happened yesterday if anyone was wondering) but curiously it is mainly happening to 2NE1.


Note: If you struggle watching, refresh your page!

2NE1- Go Away

Wheesung- I Thought to Marry

Son Dam Bi- DB Rider

F.T. island- Love Love Love

Secret – Madonna

Rei- High

Narsha Ft. Sunny Hill- Mamma Mia

Sistar- Shady Girl

Gavy NJ- Lets Stop

JQT- No Need To Know

V.O.S.- Full Story

The Trax- Oh! My Goddess

Electro Boyz- Draw You in

Sori- you are not my style

Source: Allkpop

2 Responses to [Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

  1. Chibi Xie says:

    Well, one thing that has me curious is that this is their comeback performance… isn’t it? Or did they go straight to competing with the rest of the artists? Cuz usually a comeback group/artist don’t participate in winning…

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