[Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

I’ve lost count how many times 2NE1’s won the performance shows honestly since they had their comeback stage. It seems like everytime they set foot out there people go crazy. Including me lol Enjoy~

NOTE: if you have trouble watching the performances, refresh.

2NE1- Go Away

BoA- Copy&Paste

F.T. Island- Love Love Love

Son Dam Bi- DB Rider


Hwna Hee- While Doing

Narsha Ft. Sunny Hill- Mamma Mia

The Trax- Oh My Goddess

Sistar- Shady Girl

Electro Boyz Ft. Kan Mi Yeon- Draws You

Chae Dong Ha- One Crazy Day

Oh Jong Hyuk- Heart is Beating

Sori- You are not my style

Gavy NJ- That’s the end of it

Ah Jin Kyoung- Love is pittiful

Zia- Just Smile Weakly

Navi-Listen To The End

Miss S- What Have I done Till Now

2 Responses to [Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

  1. rohxez says:

    Damn you SM!! i wanted to see the Trax! ;A; I actually liked Navi, she sings really well! And i knew 2ne1 would win from the start xD

  2. danielle says:

    2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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