[13 Japan Releases] October 13, 2010

I missed a lot of last week’s releases! I apologize for that~ I’m on top of it this time thanks to Fall Break starting today! So here’s the releases for October 13, 2010, and remember, I will try to link to previous articles to avoid overloading with videos:

Alan is releasing her new single Kanashima wa Yuki Nemuru. Click here to view single details and the music video.


Rock band Aqua Timez is releasing their comeback single Gravity O. Click here to view the single details and music video.


GLAY is releasing their 10th album. Click here to view the album details and new music “Satellite of Love.”


J-Rocker Miyavi is releasing his new album What’s My Name. Click here for album details, mp3’s, and the music video for “Torture.”


BUCK-TICK released their 18th album RAZZLE DAZZLE, yes 18th album. Track list includes “RAZZLE DAZZLE FRAGILE,” “RAZZLE DAZZLE,” “Kyouki Deadheat,” “Dokudanjou Beauty -R.I.P.-,” “Hamushi no you ni,” “Yougetsu -Yougetsu no Utage-,” “BOLERO,” “Django!! -Genwaku no Django-,” “Sakuran Baby,” “PIXY,” “Kuchizuke -SERIAL THRILL KISSER-,” “Gekka Reijin,” “Mugen,” “TANGO Swanka,” and “Solaris.” Limited edition features the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD format (compatible with standard CD players), and includes a bonus DVD with music video, interview and more.


Olivia released her greatest-hits album. A Side track list includes “Stars Shining Out,” “Color of your Spoon,” “Rain,” “Dream Catcher,” “a little pain,” “Sunlight,” “Sea Me,” “Wish,” “SpidERspins,” “Sailing Free,” “Into the Stars,” and “Winter Sleep.” B-side track list includes “Ballerina,” “Let Go,” “Be Your Friend,” “Space Halo,” “Cut me Free,” “Under your Waves,” “Cupid,” “alone in our castle,” “Celestial delinquent,” “If you only knew,” “Trinka Trinka,” and “tears and rainbows.” DVD includes the music videos for “Sailing Free,” “Rain,” “Stars Shining Out,” “Wish,” “a little pain,” “SpidERspins,” “Into the Stars,” “Sea me,” and “Color of your spoon.”


Monobright is releasing their third album, Adventure. Track list includes “81 Niche me no am1:16,” “Ame ni Utaeba,” “Kuroi Sora,” “Hadaka no me wo Shita Mutant,” “Kodoku no Taiyou,” “2010 nen no Kozoo,” “Joy Joy Experience,” “Eiyuu Nova,” “Seigi Nite,” and “Shiro.”


Koda Kumi is releasing her new album Eternity -Love & Songs-, which features Japanese classical pop and J-Pop covers from the 70s to 90s.


Ken Hirai is releasing his 15th anniversary single Sing Forever. Track list includes “Sing Forever,” “Taiyou,” “Hotel Vampire,” “Candy,” and the instrumental to “Sing Forever.” Limited edition features CD-EXTRA format with 15th anniversary footage.


Ninth single release from Girl Next Door including the title song, Eurobeat mix of “Infinity” and more for four songs total. Includes a bonus DVD with three music videos and behind-the-scenes footage.


Niconico douga singer PIKO is releasing his new single Story.


Pop duo Skoop on Somebody is releasing their new single Akiuta. Track list includes the title track, “My Life ~風に吹かれて”, and “Honesty”.


Rock band Bump of Chicken is releasing their new single Uchuhikoshi e no Tegami / Motor Cycle. Track list includes “Uchuhikoshi e no Tegami,” “Motor Cycle,” and “good friends.”

“Uchuu Hikoushi e no Tegami”




One Response to [13 Japan Releases] October 13, 2010

  1. rohxez says:

    holy crap i just saw this post…what i mostly have something to say about is Piko lol he’s not my fave on nico^2….I would rather のど飴 come out with an album or something i would spazz out so hard!! o___o he’s my fave lol xD

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