[Kuroyume Tribute Album] “Fuck the Border Line”

Various rock bands will be participating in a Kuroyume tribute album titled FUCK THE BORDER LINE which releases on February 9, 2011.

Track List:

1) “Shounen” by Abingdon Boys School

2) “Mind Breaker” by Kaikigesshoku

3) “Like an Angel” by CASCADE

4) “Chandler” by Coldrain

5) “C.Y.HEAD” by the GazettE

6) “カマキリ” by THE 冠 feat K-A-Z

7) “Fake Star” by Suns Owl feat Gari Yow-Row

8) “Yashi Hegeki” by SID

9) “Walkin on the Edge” by Jiruba

10) “ピストル” by Nicotine

11) “MARIA” by Plastic Tree

12) “Beams” by YamaArashi


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