[Media Update] One OK Rock – Ansaizunia

One OK Rock announced a bunch of goodies today!

Popular rock band One OK Rock announced their 5th single about a week ago. Today, they announced the track list to the anticipated Ansaizunia, which is set for February 16, 2010.

Track List:
1) Ansaizunia
2) Silent World
3) Ansaizukuria
4) To Feel the Fire (Stevie Wonder Cover)

They also announced their live DVD THIS IS MY BUDOKAN?! 2010.11.28 set for the same release date as their 5th single!

(Not sure if the picture above is the cover to their single or DVD)

IN ADDITION, they announced their tour Answer is aLive: (Copy and pasted from their official)

2011/04/25(月) 東 京 ; STUDIO COAST ※ゲストバンドあり
2011/05/07(土) 北海道 ; Zepp Sapporo
2011/05/11(水) 福 岡 ; Zepp Fukuoka
2011/05/13(金) 大 阪 ; Zepp Osaka
2011/05/19(木) 名古屋 ; Zepp Nagoya
2011/05/24(火) 東 京 ; Zepp Tokyo
2011/05/25(水) 東 京 ; Zepp Tokyo
2011/05/27(金) 仙 台 ; Zepp Sendai
2011/06/04(土) 沖 縄 ; ナムラホール ※ゲストバンドあり

Source: One OK Rock Official Site


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