[Album] One Way – Rainy Days

[EDIT] Unfortunately no one has yet to put the tracks on youtube, however ihoneyjoo has the album avaliable for download. Please see below for more.

One way, who released their single Rainy Days on December 15th, are now back with a full length album featuring 14 tracks. Originally set to release on December 22nd, the album was pushed back until January 4th. So far, only one of the songs has been released but we will update you with links to all of the tracks once it comes out.

1. The Forecast (Feat. One Sound Choir)
2. Rainy Days (Feat. 준수 Of 2PM) – Title Song
3. New Drag
4. 빠져
5. Forever
6. Flight 101 (Feat. As One)
7. Can’t Stop
8. Coffee (Feat. J.ae)
9. Rainy Days (Unplugged English Ver.)
10. A Thousand Words
11. Coffee (Trumpet Ver.) (Bonus Track)
12. Forever (Harmonica Ver.) (Bonus Track)
13. A Thousand Words (Harmonica Ver.) (Bonus Track)
14. Rainy Days (Radio Edited Ver.) (Bonus Track)

Source: Fredoommk / Loveasiamusic
Genre: pop / hip hop


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