[HD Performances] IU Wins on Music Bank!

Majority of the videos are in HD this time, though the sad part is embedding has been disabled.. D; Anyway, it is still very worth the watch! please leave a comment saying which version you prefer (HD / Not HD) Thanks!

HD IU – Good Day

HD TVXQ- Keep Your Head Down

HD TVXQ- How Can I

HD Secret – Intro &Shy Boy

HD Yoseob & Junhyong (Beast) – Thanks To

HD T-ara – Yayaya

HD Sistar – How Dare You

Gil Hak Mi & Won Taek – Winter Story

Kim Park Sa – That’s Very Hot

Orange Caramel – A~ing

Joo – Bad Guy

F.cuz – Wanna Be Your Love

Piggy Dolls – Trend

Dal Shabet – Supa Dupa Diva

F1rst – You Like Me, I Like You

Infinite – Hysterie & Before The Dawn

Sunny Side – Crazy Love

Tim – Unnecessary Works

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