[Album] Aoi from Ayabie – ONE

Aoi from Ayabie is releasing his first album on January 19, 2011. One has three editions:

Regular Edition: (TKCA-73618)
1. Liar
2. Yuuwaku
3. Surrender Love
4. guilty
5. Omoide ni Narumae ni
7. secret whisper
8. Everlasting Love
9. Anata e
10. Himawari
11. Brave Dreamer (Bonus)
12. One (Bonus)

Limited Edition Type A w/ DVD: (TKCA-73613)
1-10 see regular edition
(DVD) Music videos for “Surrender Love” and “MI DA RA”. Also contains footage of Aoi’s live performances and backstage footage.

Limited Edition Type B w/DVD: (TKCA-73614)
1-10 see regular edition
(DVD) Music videos for “Yuuwaku” and making of. Also includes performance footage and choreography lesson footage for “MI DA RA”.



5 Responses to [Album] Aoi from Ayabie – ONE

  1. rohxez says:

    Im a little sad that i actually hate the video to this song and the song isnt to my liking either. :( I totally loved Aoi when he was in Ayabie but this music video just gives off such homo vibes (and honestly im not anti-gay or anything) that it was just painful to watch -__- sorry Aoi! I say NO!

  2. Liza says:

    Why is this post filled under Korea when it is Japanese music? xD

  3. Jean says:

    I think that’s when she first put in the categories and I forgot to file alot of things into categories because the window disappeared so I never thought about it til a day later…

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