[V.A. Album] Kenbu Koi ga Kanau Uta ~Kashi Densetsu~

I rarely do and ever will cover various artist album, but seeing how this one has some of our most popular artists, I couldn’t resist. :)

So we have a compilation album of love songs titled Zenbu Koi ga Kanau Uta ~Kashi Densetsu~ (roughly trans: One Serve to love song lyrics Densetsu?). The sweet music drops on shelves on January 26, 2011; pick up a copy! ;)))

Track List:
1. Confession — FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
2. Step Into My World — Koda Kumi
3. Mata aimashou — SEAMO
4. Extravaganza (Kanade) — Sukima Switch
5. Bubble Days — Aqua Timez
6. Your Favorite Song — UVERworld
7. It’s Right Now… — AZU
8. Love — Hanako Oku
9. The Power of Encounters — AAA
10. Story — Yu Sakai
11. Hatsuyuki — Jam9
12. Koinouta — GO!GO!7188


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