[MV] nothing ever lasts – ‘aishiteru’ to Iu Kotoba

Pop male trio nothing ever lasts released the music video off their second album Silent Melodies. The album drops on February 9, 2011.

Track List:
1. Silent Melodies
2. Too Much
3. Misery, Tonight
4. Konoja ha Konya mo Tenjou ni Negau
5. ‘aishiteru’ to Iu Kotoba

“Aishiteru” to Iu Kotoba

Yes, as you can tell by the music video, one of the three members is a Caucasian guy. If you visit their official homepage, you can very impressed by Nel’s fluency. Where he’s from, I have no clue. If you’re brave enough, you can ask him on twitter! :)

It’s funny, I didn’t even notice since I was only listening to the song while the video was playing. I went to their official, found out about Nel, flipped back to the video, “OMGSH, IT’S TRUE!” Hahaha

Source: JPopAsia, nothing ever lasts official


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