[Album, Covers] BACK-ON – Hello World

Thanks to BACK-ON Online, we’ve got updates on your BACK-ON media!

Apparently, it’s BACK-ON’s year! A couple of weeks ago (maybe a week? My memory is terrible) BACK-ON announced a tour and a new album Hello World! The album is set for February 16, 2011 and includes a total of 12 songs, 7 of them are brand spanking new!

Track List:
1. Beginning
3. with you feat. me
4. Apologize
5. twenty four / 7
7. flyaway
9. Tomorrow Never knows -Album ver-
10. We are…
11. ONE STEP! feat mini
12. hare days

DVD Track List:
1. with you feat Me
3. One Step! feat mini
4. flyaway
5. Sands of Time
6. flower
7. Blaze Line
8. a day dreaming…
9. BAReeeeeeeeeeN/足跡
10. Anime Matsuri 2010 in TEXAS Documentary

With the album is a Japan Tour also called “HELLO WORLD!” There are 12 stops listed, all between the dates March 25, 2011 to June 25, 2011! There is speculation/hope that some American locations will be added! (Come to U-Mississippi Back-On!!! xD)

AND… we also have the covers to their next single with you feat me! (I’m starting to think they called Misono me for the sole purpose of creating that amazing, cute title!)

View other single cover here!

Source: BACK-ON Online

2 Responses to [Album, Covers] BACK-ON – Hello World

  1. Flick says:

    @Jean: Thanks for spreading the news! ;D I’m so excited about this release and I love the album covers too!

    p/s: I have to agree with the ‘me’ part!

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