[13 Japan Releases] January 26, 2011 – PART 1

First off, I am SO sorry I’m late with this. I moved into university last week and my classes just started this week, and I’m behind on notes and homework because of difficulties (I blame the university) so I’m behind on updates here. Putting it out there again, we are looking for other writers in the China, Taiwan, Phillipine area, and also, the more girly parts & heavy rock parts of Japan. (I don’t like bands like AKB48 and the heavy rock bands, so it’s hard for me to get the energy to write the articles on them.) Anywho, on to business…

We’ve got plenty of BIG names lined up for you this week! Makes me wonder who’s going to take top seat on the charts this round…

On-the-rise pop/rock band Sukima Switch is finally releasing their ballad single Saigo no Hi. View details and the official music video here.


That crazy bunch of rockers the pillows are kicking out their 3456778th album (nah, I’m kidding) Horn Again! You can view the track list (and the mv for Split Emotion) here.These guys will rock until they die, lol.


Aqua TimezMayonaka no Orchestra (Midnight Orchestra) is finally hitting shelves! View the tracklist, music video, and their hardcore promotional banner HEEERE.


This guy has been getting so many hits on our site, it’s ridiculous, lol. YamaPi is releasing his first solo album Supergood, Superbad! Fangirls enter –> here for the track list.


That sexy trio of men w-inds is releasing their double-a side single Be As One / Let’s Get It On! Detour here for both the amazing music videos!


flumpool is releasing their new album Fantasia of Life Stripe. You can check out the track list here, along with a commercial.You can watch the music video to “two of us,” a song off the album, here also.


Our princess YUI is here with her double-a side single It’s My Life / Your Heaven! You can watch the music video for “Your Heaven” and view the track list here. (Can not find a replacement for the dead video on ‘It’s My Life’.)


A band everyone should keep an eye on, OUTER-TRIBE is releasing their second single Itsuka Kimi to Mita Yozora! Still no sign of the full music video, but go check out the preview, it’s amazing! You think I’m kidding? I’m not, really. Go-check-it-out. <3 It’s awesome in a nutshell.


Former Luna Sea member J is releasing his 14 track, self-covers album FOURTEEN -the best of ignitions-. View the track list here.


Chiaki Kuriyama is releasing her second single Cold Finger Girl. You can view the track list and watch the music video here.


Ketsumeishi is releasing their new double a-side single Ballad / Kimi to tsukara mirai. Go here to watch the music video.


Shota Shimizu is releasing his 9th single YOU & I. Track list includes “YOU & I,” “Kimi no Koi,” “Kimi ga Suki,” and instrumental to the title song. (Sadly, I can not find the music video for the song…)


Dir en Grey is releasing their new single Lotus. You can view the track list and music video here.


That’s all I get the chance to do right now. I have classes in the morning so I must rest. Part 2 will come tomorrow!




2 Responses to [13 Japan Releases] January 26, 2011 – PART 1

  1. Jae says:

    LOL about “i dont like AKB48 and the heavy rock bands

    • Jean says:

      Haha I’m in the middle with Japanese music. Can’t get too girly and pop and can’t get too dark and heavy.. and screamo

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