[Album] AAA – Buzz Communication

Continuing with AAA, they also announced their 6th album Buzz Communication. The album is due out on the same day as their next single Daiji no Koto on February 16, 2011.

There are 3 editions:

Regular Edition (AVCD-38226) CD:
1. accl.
2. Paradise
3. Make nai Kokoro
4. Ai Tai Ryuu
5. one more tomorrow
6. Endless Fighters
7. STEP / 進研ゼミ中学講座 卒業・進級応援キャンペーンCMソング
8. Digest
9. Love@1st Sight
10. Dream after Dream ~夢から醒めた夢~
11. Daiji no Koto
12. Day  by Day

Limited Edition (AVCD-38225) CD+DVD:
Refer to above for CD Track List
1. Ai Tai Ryuu (Music video & making of)
2. Dream After Dream ~夢から醒めた夢~ (Music video & making of)
3. Make nai Kokoro (Music video & making of)
4. PARADISE (Music video & making of)
5. Daiji no Koto (Music video & making of)
6. STEP (Music video & making of)

Limited Edition (AVCD-38224) CD+2DVD:
Refer to above for CD Track List
Refer to above for DVD1 Track List
DVD2: AAA 5th Anniversary Premium Award


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