[Japan Releases] February 2, 2011

So I was sitting here thinking of what to do and I remembered how I haven’t posted part 2 of last week’s releases. Cursing Tuesdays, I realized that today was in fact TUESDAY. So I’m late AGAIN. I apologize greatly to the fans waiting on part 2 from last week. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to type it up. I apologize again. Blame the hundreds of pages of notes I have to read for classes. T^T

Enough of the rambling, we’ve got our first line-up of the month!

THE SUPREME BEINGS, along with Takanori, WHO I WORSHIP Home Made Kazoku is kicking out their mini-album seven emotions!!! *throws confetti amongst herself* You can check out the track list HERE. The music video(s?) has been aired, but for some odd reason has not been released online which makes Jean a sad fangirl.


Monkey Majik is releasing their 6th album westview! Yaaaay! Track list: “Angel,” “The Man You Were,” “Sunshine,” “Yume no Sekai,” “Mahou no Kotoba,” “Runaway,” “Disco Girl,” “Wonderland,” “Everything is Going to be Alright,” “The Party’s Over,” “One Day,” “Safari,” “If I Knew,” and “Halo.” They have two music videos for some tracks off the album. You can watch “Mahou no Kotoba” and “Yume no Sekai.”


Koda Kumi is releasing her 49th single Pop Diva. Track list also includes the song “Black Candy.” Check out the music video here.


Samurai Guitarist MIYAVI (holla! *shot*) is releasing his e.p. WHAT’S MY NAME? I did not post a track list or another separate article seeing how I mistook it for the same titled album that released a month or so back. Uhhh, let’s see on the first disk we have the original “What’s my name?” song, and then the song again 3 times but each features a special guest appearance in each: MIYA(from 385), TOKIE, and KenKen. On the second disk we have the music videos for the title song, “Survive,” “Torture,” and some live performances. Check out the music video for “WHAT’S MY NAME?” here~


Jasmine is releasing her 6th single ONE.  Track list includes the title song, “Dear My Friend,” and “Dreamin’.”You can view the music video here.


AZU is releasing her new single Broken Heart. You can check out the track list and music video here.


Yuya Matsushita is releasing his comeback single Paradise. Check out the track list and music video here.


The almighty KAT-TUN is releasing their new single Ultimate Wheels. Catch the music video and track list here.


DEEP is releasing their new single Shiroi Muffler! Go here to read up on the track list and watch the music video!


Visual Kei band heidi. is releasing their new single Gekkou Show Time!


LIL (not to be confused with Lil’B, Lil Romeo… Lil Wayne…) is releasing her first single Watching You feat WISE! The single contains 2 tie-up songs, 6 off her first album “Synchronize,” and 2 off her mini album “Lips in Lush”.


Buono! is releasing their new single Zassou no Uta! Track list includes the title song, “Runaway Train,” “Juicy He@rt,” and the instrumental to each.


ClariS is releasing their second single Connect. Track list includes “Connect,” “Dreamin’,” “Kimi to Futari,” and the instrumental to “Connect.” I do not have a music video at the moment.


Alright, I’m going to give up right here. The internet in this dorm is terrible so my youtube has come to a complete halt. ]: If you want, you can look up the remaining artists on your own: ClariS, Yusuke, Mai Fukui, and YU-A.


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