[MV] Suga Shikao – Yakusoku


OMFG HE RAPPED! xDD Still, this man ROCKS. He has a class all on his own~<3 Lucky London, stealing my Suga.

Source: Aramatheydidnt (Ashamed I didn’t catch it first.)


2 Responses to [MV] Suga Shikao – Yakusoku

  1. Flick says:

    I *thought* some of the flashing backdrops looked familiar! I mean those buildings just had to be London and they were! Just found out he was at Islington Academy in Nov last year – why couldn’t BACK-ON have come along at the same time? :P

    Never knew the man could rap either!

    p/s: I just love 19才 so compare all of his songs to it.

    • Jean says:

      Yeah he goes to London alot. I remember watching a documentary about him visiting an academy there; it might have been Islington! SO JEALOUS! xD

      That’s the first for him rapping if I’m right. So cool! My favorite by him would probably be… Hajimaru no Hi. :] 19sai is pretty good, the mv is awkward though.

      It may be funny, but I *think* I love watching him play more than I love his songs. It’s just the way he.. jams. haha

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