[DVD] Hilcrhyme – Hilcrhyme Theater Vol1

Another rare DVD post: On the rise hip hop duo Hilcrhyme is releasing their very first DVD! It will feature a collection of their all their music videos from debut to current (NOT including Okubyo no Okami), plus a bonus goodie! The DVD ships on February 23, 2011, along with their 7th single Okubyo no Okami, so order them together!

Track List:
1. Junya to Manami (純也と真菜実)
2. Syunkasyuutou(春夏秋冬)
3. Mou bye bye (もうバイバイ)
4. Daijoubu (大丈夫)
5. Looseleaf (ルーズリーフ)
6. Travel Machine (トラヴェルマシン)
7. Shampoo
Bonus: “No. 109 -Show Case Edit-“


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