[Official Site] Kelun’s Kojima Ryosuke

Yeah, I have AMAZING timing. <3

exKelun vocalist/guitarist Kojima Ryosuke opened his official site yesterday!

Kojima had posted on his previous blog over 2 years ago that Kelun was on hiatus. The singer went on to do a side project titled “Juvenile.” I don’t think it made because I couldn’t find it anywhere. After zipping around google, I found his myspace, which led me to his official, and to his twitter. Ventured on his official some and turns out he’s in another band called Inside Me. If you want to check out their music, proceed to their Myspace page~

I think he maaay be gearing up for a solo also. Take that back, he is working on some live solo stuff.

“Big Tree” (2011.01.06) Live Version

So yeah, keep your eyes open. . . *nods*..


One Response to [Official Site] Kelun’s Kojima Ryosuke

  1. neuroticsnake says:

    thanks for this! ive been scouring the net for the past few days searching for any news of this band ^_^

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