[Previews] Home Made Kazoku – seven emotions

*UPDATE* Full Mp3 for Motto Kimi wo has been added!

I’m an impatient child when it comes to my music bias. I don’t think I can keep it in until the actual music video or youtubized previews, so I’ll go ahead and post the wonderful previews that sony music has provided us:

Track List:
1. Theme of seven emotions ||Audio Preview||
2. Motto kimi o (もっと君を…) ||MUSIC VIDEO Preview||
3. Eru (エール) ||Full MP3||
4. Big City ||Audio Preview||
5. Kokoro no hana (心の花) ||Audio Preview||
6. Goodbye as much as thank you  ||Audio Preview||
7. Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ -Fickle Remix- ||Audio Preview||

Does anyone else get an edgy.. funk vibe from it? Or is that just me? It may be just me… pretty good nonetheless <3 I’m looking forward to ‘Motto kimi o’ and ‘eru’~

Also, did anyone ever see this: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/KS/HomeMadeKazoku/m_disco_uta.html I *think* this is every song, every version of every song, every collab song, every.single.thing. they have produced, even the new stuff and their versions are on there!! I-i-it’s a directory! I need to know how to obtain ALL these songs!!!! MY NEW LIFE GOAL. *runs away*


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