[Track List] BECCA – BEST

We announced a couple of weeks ago that Becca was releasing her best of album BEST on March 2, 2011! The track list has been revealed for the album via BENNIE BECCA’s official site~

2. If U Could See Me Now *New?*
3. Leave Me Alone (A Bennie Becca song) *New?*
4. Dreamer -English Version- (A Bennie Becca song)
6. Turn To Stone
7. Lose you now
8. Perfect Me
9. Love or Leave
10. Kaminari Girl -English Version- (A Bennie Becca song)
11. How Will You Know
12. Don’t Save Me
13. Guilty Pleasure
14. Falling Down
15. Kickin’ Screamin’

Bonus Tracks:
16. Ashita / Bennie Becca with Blaise Plant of Monkey Majik
17. I Drove All Night
18. Alone
19. Friends

DVD (Music Videos)
1. I’m Alive
2. Turn to Stone
3. Shibuya (I think that’s it…?)
4. Dreamer -English Version- / BENNIE BECCA
5. Kaminari Girl -English Version- / BENNIE BECCA
6. Ashita / BENNIE BECCA w/ Blaise Plant of Monkey Majik


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