[TV] MBC Special ‘Star Dance Battle’

Round 1:
Park Hwisoon & Nam Changhee (High High) VS. Hwang Je Sung, Park Jae Min & Lee Sung Bae (Shut Up + Single Ladies)

Round 2:
T-ara (Love Battery) VS. After School (London Boys)

Hong Jinyoung (Sonata of Seduction) VS. Yoo Chaeyoung (Good Day)

U-KISS’ Soohyun & Jang Young Ran (I Need a GirlVS. Kim Kyung Jin (Yayaya)

Jewelry (Funny +More) VS. Teen Top (trot medley)

Dal Shabet (U-Go Girl + Brand NewVS. Han Groo (Diva medley)

ZE:A (Performance + MackerelVS. Infinite (Baby+ Like a G6)

SISTAR (Tell MeVS. Rainbow (Buttons + Wait a Minute)

MBLAQ (Smooth Criminal + Hip SongVS. Park Jung Min (We No Speak Americano)

4minute (Now + Step Up OSTVS. miss A (Honey)

Source: Crazycarrot


4 Responses to [TV] MBC Special ‘Star Dance Battle’

  1. ashskylar says:

    WTH JAE! That wasn’t I need a girl! hahaha
    First of all, that was a lovely cover of High High-
    Second of all, WTH JAE!!! NO Ukiss, noooooo. *shivers*

  2. ashskylar says:

    Okay! Finally got to watch them all! haha. The SS501 made me SOOOO happy!

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