[MV] SuG – Mad$hip

Yeah, yeah, skip this and go straight for the music video. You’ll come to back to read this… I can wait…. done? Okay. ^O^

SuG is releasing their new album Thrill Ride Pirates on March 9, 2011!

Track List
1. Welcome II
2. Mad$hip
3. R.P.G. ~Rockin’ Playing Game
4. Crazy Bunny Coaster
5. funky idiot
6. Fast Food Hunters
7. Pimp my Cars
8. Extreme fall
9. Mujouken Kofukuron
10. 「口約束」 “Kuchiyakusoku”
11. TRiPbeats
12. Koakuma Sparkling
13. Ultra Spin Tea Party
14. Rocket World
15. scramble WAGADO

So our favorite crazy visual kei band released a follow-up music video to their previous single “Crazy Bunny Coaster!” In “Mad&hip,” we watch Takeru and the guys go to the darker, heavier side of rock for this one!

Not my taste, I love goofy, colorful SuG better, but Takeru is so cute when he goes ‘tsk tsk’ at 1:18 xDD

2 Responses to [MV] SuG – Mad$hip

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  2. midori-chan says:

    I scare. Takeru is so crazy in this MV. Well, i think i like this but don’t like when they dance or rap in MV. It not seem to be VK and SUG is truly VK band

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