[Track List] Aqua Timez – Carpe Diem

As we previously reported about a month ago, Aqua Timez will be releasing a new album on February 16, 2011.

“Carpe Diem”
Track List:
1. Hyakunen no ki
2. Saigo Made
3. Plumeria -Hanauta-
4. Mayonaka no Orchestra
5. Carpe Diem
6. Toki
7. Memento Mori
8. Kaze ni Fukarete
9. Milky Blues
10. Let Loose
11. Gravity O
12. Ehagaki no Haru
13. Gingatetsudou no Yoru

14. Ehagaki no Haru
15. Gravity O
16. Mayonaka no Orchestra
17. Kaze ni Fukarete

Hmm guess what that means?! NEW MUSIC VIDEO!


2 Responses to [Track List] Aqua Timez – Carpe Diem

  1. Koneko says:

    Thank youuu~~
    Huge Aqua Timez fan here ^w^
    I shall now keep browsing thy blog, thanks again ^^

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