[Live Tweet Event+Ustream] One OK Rock

Yeah, I’m totally promoting this shit!

One OK Rock is holding a live tweet event RIGHT NOW!! Kinda hard to explain what exactly it is, you just need to check it out. Follow these directions here my sweet tweet birds:

1. Go to this link. http://www.oneokrock.com/cam/live_tweet/

2. Click the option on the left first! It brings you to the twitter application, allow it, and it should bring you back to the live tweet page for OOR (Step #1)

3. Now click the option on the right! It’ll bring up live footage from One OK Rock’s Budokan, on that page at the bottom is where you tweet your thoughts about the band! A swanky note, the video pauses for you when you click in the bar to type~

4. Watch and be amazed how your tweet appears on the screen behind the video! Don’t worry, when the video is over, it takes you to another screen where you can view the collection of live tweets from other users!

Pretty awesome right? I can’t read Japanese, so I’m nervous as to why my picture is at the bottom with all the squares on the last page… xD

Just found out One OK Rock will also be holding a live Ustream event for the release of their Live at Budokan DVD on February 13, Sunday, 21:00 Japan Time, or 6AM-8AM Sunday (Feb 13) Central time here in the US. There is a contest involved, but I can not get a good enough translation to say how it is being held.

One Ok Rock’s UStream channel


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