[15 Japan Releases] February 16, 2011 – Part 1

Alright, try this again. I kept losing track of my days. @o@ Not to mention the posts are not getting the hits I want. If this week doesn’t get a good hit count then I’ll discontinue it; this type of post takes about a couple of hours to get together.

So let’s get down to business. Got a very nice list of releases coming out this Wednesday from artists like One OK Rock, BACK-ON, AKB48, and a few other very notable musicians, plus a slew of up-coming musicians. This week’s gonna be some serious competition for top spots on the charts. :)

BACK-ON is releasing their highly anticipated album HELLO WORLD. Check out the track list with links to music videos here.


Legendary rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel is releasing their 20th anniversary collection TWENITY, which includes three disks worth of music! Read up on the full track list here, along with the music videos linked to majority of the songs.


Sexy R&B duo Chemistry is releasing their new-ish single a better tomorrow, the Japanese version of their original Korean song. Check out the music video here. (AND OMGSH THAT REMINDS ME I NEED THE B-SIDE TRACKKKK titled “Be Yourself”.)


Hugely popular rock band One OK Rock is rocking the stage again with their new single Ansaizunia! As sad as it is, I can not find the music video to save my life. Curse you A-Sketch!


Famous pop/rock band Aqua Timez is releasing their 3rd album Carpe Diem which includes songs “Mayonaka no Orchestra,” “Gravity 0,” “Ehagaki no Haru,” and much more! Check out the complete track list with music video links here.


AAA is releasing both their new album Buzz Communication ANNND their new single Daiji no Koto! Track list for the album is here. Track list and music video for the single is here.


Hitomi Shimatani is releasing her new single Kantan ni Ietanara. Track list includes the title song, “Moment,” and the instrumental to each. Music video for the title song can be viewed here.


MAY’S is releasing her new album Cruising. You can check out the track list and the album cm here.


hitomi is releasing her double-a side single Umare tekurete Arigatou / Smile World. You can view the music video for “Smile World” here. Here’s the music video for “Umare tekurete arigatou.”


DA PUMP is releasing a new single for the first time in a year and a half. Can’t get your love / if…arekarabokura is a double a-side single that includes those two, “Let me get you now,” and the instrumental to all three.

“Can’t get your love”


New Avex male trio Mugen Danshi is releasing their special debut single Infinity Love / Renai Nenrei Mugendai.

“Infinity Love”


Nanase Aikawa breaks out in Rockstar Steady and their first album Gossip. Track list is lead by the song “Fine Fine Day.”


Tiara is releasing her 2nd album Tears.


Johnny’s pop male duo Tegomass is releasing their new single Aoi Bench. Track list includes the title song, its acoustic version, and bonus track “Sotsugyo Album”.


Visual Kei band Adapter is releasing their single Please Please You. The song is coupled with “Began to Run There.”


2 Responses to [15 Japan Releases] February 16, 2011 – Part 1

  1. Koneko says:

    Good Lord. So many one day..
    Thank you for posting ^^
    It’s super informative *o*

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