Red Day!

It’s February 14th! We’re a little late on the greeting, but I managed to make a quick card, nothing fancy, but hella sexy. ;) (Can’t get sexier than Gackt, ya know?) We wish you a magical Valentine’s Day, a rebellious Singles’ Awareness Day, and a normal Happy February 14th for the ones who don’t celebrate this holiday. :D

3 Responses to Red Day!

  1. Jae says:

    ……………… i love that you use hawaii lover for a font….
    but take gackt off xD

    -Jae <3
    happy valentines day… i'm getting mauled by hershys kisses….

  2. Jean says:

    Word woman do they make you memorize fonts at that school? GACKT IS THE SYMBOL FOR LOOOVE <3

    I'm a lonely girl on V-day. DX

  3. Jae says:

    …………… symbol for vanilla LOL
    i just memorize the font because it’ve seen it so much. and hawaii lover was featured on dafont for months on end because it was pretty. it’s a really commonly used font like habara & walkway… and helvetica. helvetica is so easy to recognize. it’s just perfect….. we’re writing in trebuchet 8D o.o hehehhehehe

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