[MV Link] SPYAIR – Japanication

So SPYAIR updated their official site today with the official music video to their re-release single Japanication!

Want an interesting fact? This is their today’s post translated by me and a web transaltor~

“The setting is in South Korea where the air temperature is -10 degrees Celsius! K-POP is in the midst of the boom; the opposite SPYAIR has landed in KOREA! Non-directed video made with locally hired staff; it was made on the outskirts of Seoul. Korea “Bundansohyon(???)” live footage made in the street! Koreans cheered for SPYAIR and the police stormed the stage in order to attempt to shut down the show! All caught on camera. Check it out!” (With help of a translator, the last few sentences were very slightly by me.)

So yes, if you watch the music video on their official, you can see the live performance in Seoul and even see the police try to rain on SPYAIR’s parade! They were able to finish.

( I’ll make sure to post it as soon as it releases to one of the online video sources! )

I can’t help but wonder why SPYAIR is in Seoul… Ike is still sexy nonetheless, but now he has more fangirls ;o; Korean fangirls at that! I can’t fight with them!


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