Donations, Charities, Fundraisers!

I’m sorry, I hate to post music because it gives the impression that I’m not caring about the disaster. I really do, believe me. I want to go to Japan this Summer to take part in the relief effort but I’m reading that one must be part of a rescue team in order to have permission to enter country right now. ]: I want to donate money but I’m flat out broke. ]]:

Watching various Japanese anime/music sites, there’s alot of charities and fundraisers going down that you can take part in!!

Our friends at TheOtaku have organized a fundraiser where you can donate money via google or spread awareness through your artwork!

More below the cut!

American Cosplay Paradise is collecting donations!

GACKT has started his relief fund called SHOW YOUR HEART with the help of gaming site Hangame. All donations are given to the Japanese Red Cross. GACKT also opened a twitter account to support his fund!

T.M. Revolution is turning his concert into a charity event where charity auctions and donations booths will be set up. All proceeds and ticket sales will go to charity.

X Japan’s Yoshiki will be selling and donating his priceless crystal piano to charity.

The AKB48 project has set up their a donation account.

Yoko Kanno composed a song titled “Kimi de Ite Buji de Ite” and dedicated it to earthquake/tsunami victims.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s artist Noizi Ito has drawn a picture of a praying Haruhi for victims.

Dragon Ball’s creator Akira Toriyama has created a picture with an inspiring message!

Lady GAGA is selling Japan relief bracelets for 5 dollars each! Show your support! All proceeds go to charity!

You can donate 10 dollar cash to RED CROSS by texting to 90999. Donate to the Salvation Army by texting to 80888. Other charities can be found here.

The animals need help and rescuing also! You can donate to Animal Refuge Kansai!


4 Responses to Donations, Charities, Fundraisers!

  1. Koneko says:

    I really appreciate you expressing what you felt, because honestly, those thoughts were in my mind ( I hate to post music because it gives the impression that I’m not caring about the disaster. )
    But right now, I’m really proud of you.. haha.
    And umm, thank you for all the links, really helpful ^^

  2. Jae says:

    Jean i think it’s great you did this post<3
    i still feel shock from the event like there's a hole in your heart. I'm not sure what way to put it….
    I want to help so much but I just have no means to…
    I do hope for the best and hope people all over join in…

  3. Thanks for posting this! I can’t donate yet since I’m still a student but I know some people who are eager to help.
    I will continue to pray especially since my classmate’s mother is still missing… I pray for everyone and I hope you can add more to that list!

  4. Jean says:

    There is more, I just haven’t had the chance to add to it. You can add to it if you like! :)

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