[Theme Song] Daichi Miura – Touch Me

*insert perverted fangirl’s pun regarding Daichi + this song title which will result in said fangirl’s death*

Lucky fans who attended Daichi Miura’s 2010 Live Tour got to hear a few new songs unheard of outside of concerts. Come May 25, all fans will get to watch on DVD all his performances which includes the new songs plus guest appearance from BoA!

Track List:
2. Inside Your Head
3. Flag
4. Crazy
5. Baby Be Mine
6. Delete My Memories
7. Your Love
8. One Step Closer
9. Gin no namida
10. Make it Happen
11. Open your Heart
12. Who’s the Man
13. Dance Number (Song title or actual dance? lol)
14. Possibility w/ BoA
15. Drama
16. Do Not Disturb (new)
17. Touch Me (new)
18. No Limit
19. Hypnotized
EN2. The Answer
EN3. Lullaby

The song “Touch Me” has been chosen as the opening to the music program 「流派-R」 (“School -R”) and will air in May~

Source: Daichi Miura’s official site, Oricon news

As much as I hate being wrong, if I’m incorrect on something, please tell me. I was using google translator to help me so I may have read something wrong ya know.


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