[News] Kylee hits fame in U.S.

Now being dubbed “Real life Hannah Montana,” Japanese singer Kylee is finally getting attention in the United States~

Some of you know, the 16 year-old singer grew up in Arizona, still lives there, and signed a contract with Sony Japan 3 years ago. She made her debut with “Vacancy” (sung in English) as the ending to the Bones anime Xam’d: Lost Memories in 2008. In 2010, she returned with a new look and Japanese songs with “Kimi ga Iru“.

Just recently, she was interviewed by the Today Show and got the chance to perform her new upcoming single Never Give Up (which releases July 13).

On this page, the first video contains an interview and snippets of the new music video. The second video is her live performance of “Never Give Up” (sung in both English and Japanese).

UPDATE: Congrats to Kylee for making it to Yahoo News! front page!


2 Responses to [News] Kylee hits fame in U.S.

  1. anon :3 says:

    Oh wow, this is really interesting! …. I should check her music out. I hope she doesn’t go so mainstream here then.

    • Jean says:

      I loved her since her debut. I’m actually looking forward to her American debut mainly because I like her English music more than her Japanese music. :)

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