[Single] Namie Amuro – Naked/Fight Together/???

The Queen of Pop (that’s right I said it), Namie Amuro, has announced her first official single of the year! Her TRIPLE A-side single Naked/Fight Together/??? will be released on July 27th! (The third song name has yet to be said.)

“Naked” will be used in a commercial for ESPRIQUE’s Kose. The song is an upbeat dance song which was produced by Shinichi Osawa and written by M-Flo’s VERBAL.

As many know, “Fight Together” is the current opening theme to One Piece!

“Fight Together” TV Size

Source: JpopAsia


3 Responses to [Single] Namie Amuro – Naked/Fight Together/???

  1. martyier says:

    Fight Together was amazing and worked beatifully with One Piece (already a huge fan of both). If there’s more to this single pop package, then I can’t wait to hear it!!! XD

  2. Elliott says:

    we fight together. love this song~

  3. Chris says:

    That sounds pretty Epic! Osawa track featuring Verbal (probably) and One Piece Opening together!

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