[Greatest Hits] w-inds – We Sing / Dance for Everyone

Pop trio w-inds is celebrating their 10th anniversary next month! The group will be kicking out two collections: We Sing For Everyone and We Dance For Everyone on June 22, 2011!

Pretty lengthy so click the link to

(PCCA-3438 / PCCA-3437)
1 Paradox (3rd single)
2 Love you anymore
3 try your emotion (4th single)
4 Because of you (6th single)
5 NEW PARADISE (7th single)
6 Break Down, Build Up
7 SUPER LOVER ~ I need you tonight ~ (8th single)
8 WOL (Wonder Of Love)
9. Kirei da (12th single)
10 song 4 U
11 IT’S IN THE STARS (18th single)
12 Back At One
13. Boogie Woogie 66 (20th single)
14 Want ya

2 Beautiful Life (23rd single)
3 I’m a Man
4 CAN’T GET BACK (25th Double-A-single)
5 Rain Is Fallin ‘(26th single)
6 HYBRID DREAM (26th Double-A-single)
7 New World (27th single)
8 Truth ~ 最後の真実~ (27th Double-A-single)
9 Addicted to Love (28th single)
10 Let’s get it on (29th Double-A-single)
11 Nothing Is Impossible
12 Some More
13 ※ You make me crazy ★ (Limited Edition only)
14 ※ SWEAR DOWN ★ (Limited Edition only)
13 ※ NOTHING GONNA CHANGE IT ★ (Limited Edition only)
14 ※ NO DOUBT ★ (Limited Edition only)

(PCCA-3439 / PCCA-3440)

1 Forever Memories (1st single)
2 Feel The Fate (2nd single)
3 will be there~恋心
4 Somewhere in Time
5 Graduation
6 Another Days (5th single)
7 Best of My Love
8 Baby Maybe
9 Love Is Message (9th single)
10 Long Road (10th single)
11 Love Train
12 Deny
13 Pieces (11th single)
14 Shiki (13th single)

1 Yume no Basho e (14th single)
2 Perfect Day
3 Kawariyuku Sora (15th single)
4 ageha
5 Natsu Sora no koi no shi
6 Izayoi no Tsuki (16th single)
7 Yakusoku no Kakera (17th single)
8 semishigure
9 TRIAL (19th single)
10 Hanamuke (21st single)
11 Ame ato (24th single)
12 Everyday (25th single)
13 Be As One (29th single)
※14 RAINBOW HILL★(Limited Edition only)
※14 What’s the difference ★(Limited Edition only)


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