[Single] Pointfive(.5) – COLOUR

Mysterious male talent group Pointfive(.5) is releasing their second single COLOUR on June 1, 2011. Track list includes the pop song “COLOUR” sung by all members, the rock tune “Holography” sung by three of the members, and ballad/pop song “Polaris” sung by the two remaining members.

“COLOUR” Preview


2 Responses to [Single] Pointfive(.5) – COLOUR

  1. Feh says:

    Their music is good, I’m going to search more about them… and I really liked the drawings -^^-

  2. anon :3 says:

    I love how they include anime/manga art in their videos. I always love seeing a mix-up of art and music together! It just helps each category out. The guys sing so great together! They sound cute too. Hahahaha.

    This is also an interesting group indeed :3

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