About Us

Welcome to Love[Asia]Music! Here you’ll find recent updates from asian artists such as: new music, MV’s, teasers, and remixes!  We were founded on September 16th, 2008 by Sammy who originally called the site Love[Japan]Music and after a little over a year and a half, Sammy left the site to Jae and Jean, who changed the location and renamed it to Love[asia]Music on June 30th, 2010. Just a short two and a half months later, Jae and Jean decided to move the site to WordPress so it could continue to grow bigger and better than before.We love more than anything to meet other blogs and be apart of the community so if you would like to be apart of Loveasia and become friends with us, please read below!

Become friends with Love[asia]Music:

It’s easy! We already have something in common, a love for music. Networking and meeting other blog founders is always fun and adventurous. If you’d like to become part of Love[asia]Music by being friends with us, please e-mail us(loveasiamusic@gmail.com) or leave a comment the following information:

  1. Name [You must be an administrator of the website]
  2. Name of your website & link
  3. Brief description of  yourself & your website

Please Note: To maintain a friendship with love[asia]music requires interaction/communication
between both parties. We stay very close to our friends and keep a strong relationship with them.

2 Responses to About Us

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  2. allsnsd says:

    Name : Allsnsd
    Name of your website & link : http://www.allsnsd.com
    Brief description of yourself & your website We are SNSD worldwide fansite that share everythings about SNSD life.

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