[Teaser] Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love feat. Park Shin Hye

Lee Seung Gi recently released the teaser to his Japanese debut single: Time for Love MV

[Teaser] Shinhwa Comeback

Shinhwa released a logo teaser for their comeback in February

[MV] BEG: Miryo – Dirty

Brown Eyed Girl’s, Miryo, released her solo MV titled: Dirty

[Teaser] EXO – Debut

SM’s soon to debut duo, EXO, has released 12 teasers to debut single/MV

Head over to the SM Youtube Channel to see all 12 teasers

[MV] B.A.P- Warrior

New boy!band B.A.P of TSEntertainment just recetly released their debut single, Warrior

[Single] Jang Jae In – 가로수 그늘 아래 서면 (Written Under the Shade of Trees)

I really like this song.

Genre:  Indie/Ballad?
Source:  iKimchipop

[Promo Song] JQT-아! 대한민국 (Go! Republic of Korea) Ver. 1

[Single] Mekid-아픔이 다시 돌아올까봐 (The Pain Came Back Again) Feat. Soul Cry

If you guyz want the mp3s leave a comment and i’ll post download links.

Genre:  Ballad
Source:  iKimchipop

[Audio] Kara-Jumping (Japanese)

Jae posted the teaser to this song earlier now here’s the full audio

[Single] Raspberry Field-본 적 있나요 (Have You Seen?)

Single released October 22.