With the start of 2011, Love[asia]Music will now be listing the top recommended MVs of each month. On the first of the following month, there will be a poll to determine the most influential songs. At the end of the year Love[asia]music will conduct a grand poll for all of our readers to nominate the best artists and singles of the year.

Korean Japanese
[MV] GD&TOP – Baby Goodnight [MV] KAT-TUN – Ultimate Wheels
[MV] 5Dolls Ft. Jay Park – Lip Stains [MV] Koda Kumi – Pop Diva
[MV] Lee Jung – Lets Dance [MV] androp – MirrorDance
[MV] YoungBoyz – It’z the [MV] Suga Shikao – Yakusoku
[MV] standing egg – Ever fallen in love [MV] BACK-ON – with you feat me
[MV] Kahi – Come Back You Bad Person [MV] One OK Rock – Ansaizunia
[MV] Dalmatian – Lover Cop [MV] Hilcrhyme – Okubyo no Okami
[MV] Kan Mi Yeon – Paparazzi [MV] Rie Fu – for you
[MV] IU – The Story I didn’t Know [MV] Monkey Majik – Mahou no Kotoba
[MV] Bella – Don’t Let Go [MV] Monkey Majik – Yume no Sekai
[MV] Big Bang – Tonight [MV] Yuya Matsushita – Paradise
[MV] Home Made Kazoku – Motto kimi o…
[MV] Arashi – Lotus

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  1. ashskylar says:

    *Gets ready to vote*

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