With the start of 2011, Love[asia]Music will now be listing the top recommended MVs of each month. On the first of the following month, there will be a poll to determine the most influential songs. At the end of the year Love[asia]music will conduct a grand poll for all of our readers to nominate the best artists and singles of the year.

Korean Japanese
[MV] MBLAQ – Cry [MV] Girugamesh – Destiny
[MV] TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down [MV] the pillows – Doggie Howl
[MV] GD&TOP – Knock Out [MV] Sukima Switch – Saigo no Hi
[MV] Supreme Team – Get Ready [MV] Yamapi – Hadakanbo
[MV] One Way – Rainy Days [MV] Dir en Grey – Lotus
[MV] Secret – Shy Boy [MV] flumpool – two of us
[MV] Infinite – Before The Dawn [MV] Aqua Timez – Midnight Orchestra
[MV] MBLAQ – Stay [MV] SuG – Crazy Bunny Coaster
[MV] Teen Top – Supa Luv [MV] OUTER-TRIBE – いつか君と見た夜空
[MV] SNSD – Visual Dreams [MV] YUI – It’s My Life
[MV] G.NA – Black & White [MV] YUI – Your Heaven
[MV] Navi – Well Done [MV] NICO Touches the Walls – Diver
[MV] J.Kill ft Mr. Gordo – Uh Oh Oh Oh [MV] Radwimps – DADA
[MV] Seungri – What Can I Do [MV] BACK-ON – Tell Me
[MV] Seungri – V.V.I.P. [MV] w-inds – Let’s Get It On
[MV] Telepathy- Fantastic Love [MV] Chemistry – A Better Tomorrow
[MV] Jewelry – Back It Up [MV] MAY’S – Kimi ni Todoke…
[MV] Park Jung Min – Not Alone [Single] BoA – I See Me

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