[Single] Naoto Inti Raymi – Hello

New hot artist Naoto Inti Raymi is returning with his 6th single! Hello will hit shelves on August 10, 2011. Track list includes the title song, its karaoke, and “Ima no kimi wo wasurenai“.

“Hello” PV

[MV] NICO Touches the Walls – Te wo Tatake

They so silly. xD

[Single] Chemistry – Independence

Chemistry has finally announced their August single! Independence is slated for August 8, 2011.

Track List:
1. Independence
2. New Arrival
3. Kanashimi Shower

[MV] OUTER-TRIBE – Believe

[MV] Sally Miura – Aishiteru feat CLIFF EDGE

[MV] Stereopony – Tatoeba Utaenaku Nattara feat Kariyushi 58

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[MV] F.T. Island – Let It Go!

HongKi dresses, looks, and jumps around like Taka of One OK Rock now. <.<“

[MV] Ikimono Gakari – Warattetainda

Source: JpopAsia

[Single] Base Ball Bear – yoakemae

Base Ball Bear will be releasing their new single yoakemae on June 29, 2011. Track list includes the title song and “Fragile baby”.

[Album] androp – relight

Pop/rock band androp will be kicking out their very first full album titled relight on September 21, 2011. So far, their new song “Bright Siren” will be included. Take a listen to the track here!

androp became popular with their previous album door and “MirrorDance”:

Check back for more information~

Source: androp official