[MV] SPYAIR – My World

Of course my post in half a year would have to be from the best, SPYAIR <3

Brand new music video just uploaded on the net, from their upcoming single “My World” (hits shelves on March 1!).

“My World” (Can dailymotion not be embedded anymore???)

[MV] FLOW – Hey!!!


[Single Cover] BACK-ON – Connectus and Selfish

Badass, yes? :P

[TV Size] Unlimits for Bleach

[Full PV] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days


[MV] androp – Bright Siren

Rising rock band androp will be kicking out their first full length album relight on September 21, 2011!

  1. Strobo
  2. Bell
  3. Train
  4. ShowWindow
  5. Bright Siren
  6. Tara-Reba
  7. Pray
  8. Flashback
  9. Noah
  10. Yurariri
  11. HoshiDenwa
  12. Relight

[Single] BACK-ON – Connectus and selfish

BACK-ON is returning after their amazing ‘HELLO WORLD’ run with word on their brand new single!

Connectus and selfish (I’m curious about the story behind this title) is kicking out on August 17, 2011!

Track List:
1. Connectus and Selfish
2. flyaway
3. We are…
4. Ashiato (as BAReeeeeeeeeeN)

Are they redoing “flyaway”?

Source: BACK-ON official; BACK-ON online twitter

[2min MV] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days


[MV] UVERworld – Hakuchuumu

Another new music video off their previous album LIFE 6 SENSE:


Amazing song~

[TV Size] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days