[MV] Gummy – Love Recipe

Just finished watching Marley & Me and then saw this. Ah I started crying immediate again.

[MV] Ji Sun – The Wind Is Blowing

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[Album] Take Urban – About Love

01 영화보러 갈까요
02 횡단보도
03 바보야 왜 모르니
04 눈물나게
05 결혼하는 날
06 겨울이 온다
07 얼굴
08 You`re My Everything

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[Single] Noel – Special Girl To. Mr. Smile

1. Mr. Smile
2. Special Girl – Title Song
3. Mr. Smile (Acoustic Ver.)

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[MV] SG Wannabe – Just

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[MV] In SooNi – Farewell (작별)

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[MV] K-Will – Can’t Open Up My Lips

Featuring IU & MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

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[OST] Crime Squad Pt.2

“작별” by Lee Si Young

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[Single] Tei – Firefly

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[MV] La Boheme – 눈부신 고백

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