[Teaser] Led Apple (레드애플) – Time is Up

source: Loen Entertainment

[MV] M&D – Close Ur Mouth

Introducing a new collaboration team M&D (Midnight&Dawn) which consists of Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX’s JungMo! The duo kicked out the music video for their debut track “Close ur Mouth” which features Miss A’s Jia, F.T. Island’s HongKi & Jonghoon, Simon D from Supreme Team, and BEAST’s Jun Hyung!

[MV] F.T. Island – Hello Hello

F.T. Island is returning to Korea with their new mini-album Return on May 26, 2011.

Track List:
1. Hello Hello
2. Oh
3. 널 갖겠다
4. 고백합니다
5. Sunshine Girl

“Hello Hello”

Source: JpopAsia

[Single] Fall Vacation – 오래된 커플

1. 오래된 커플 – Title Song
2. 여배우 [Below]

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[Single] Ban Gwang Ok – Ultramarine (후쿠야마 마사하루 리메이크)

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[MV] C.N. Blue – Intuition

[MV] Mimi Sisters ft Kim Chang Wan – Dynamite Girl (다이너마이트 소녀)

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[Single] Bubble Sisters – Soul Rebirth Pt. 1

1. Moonfunk
2. 애원 (R&B Ver.) – Title Song

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[OST] 위험한 상견례 pt. 1

BonD – 이 밤을 다시 한번

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[MV] N0.1 Korean – ㄱㄴㄷ

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