[MV] Bay Trong Đêm – Hồng Ngọc

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[MV] Nghèo Nên Mất Em – Đỗ Tú Tài

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Red Day!

It’s February 14th! We’re a little late on the greeting, but I managed to make a quick card, nothing fancy, but hella sexy. ;) (Can’t get sexier than Gackt, ya know?) We wish you a magical Valentine’s Day, a rebellious Singles’ Awareness Day, and a normal Happy February 14th for the ones who don’t celebrate this holiday. :D

[MV] 365 Band – Liên Khúc Xuân

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[MV] UNLOCK Band – Là Con Trai Cũng Thật Tuyệt

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[MV] Đại Nhân – Chào Mùa Mới

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[MV] Lưu Ngọc Duyên & Kim Phi Long – Claude Kelly ‘My Everything’

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[MV] Vương Phong ft. Thảo Teen – Có Phải Tình Yêu Là Thế Không

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[MV] Vũ Trâm Anh – Ngày Anh Ði

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[Update] New Features on Love[asia]Music!

Loveasia has a new feature to share with all of you! Now you can browse through your favorite genres faster than ever with our new drop down menus. Simply roll your mouse over your favorite country and the genres will appear! You can even browse through your favorite korean performance shows in an instant. Because music comes out so quickly, we will not be going through our history to ad music to their category, however we expect to have pages full by the end of the week! Please enjoy~

-Staff @ Love[asia]Music