[MV] BACK-ON – Tell Me

Straight from the band’s fansite forum, BACK-ON has released their long-awaited music video to their upcoming single Tell Me! The single drops on January 19, 2011! Track list includes the title song and “Discovery”



Source: Back-On Online Forum

[Teaser2] BACK-ON – With you feat Me

*EDIT* Hey fans, I’m going to redirect you to something better: the short music video to BACK-ON’s song with you feat me! GO check it out!!! https://loveasiamusic.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/mv-teaser-back-on-with-you-feat-me/


ME is apparently Misono, who’s already done countless themes to the Tales of franchise. Why they called her ME is beyond… me.

So listen in for a longer preview to “With You”, PLUS a preview to their B-side track “Nagareboshi”!

[Preview] BACK-ON – With you feat ME

It’s actually a pretty short preview along with the Radiant Mythology 3 commercial, but hey, at least it’s something!



[Official Single] BACK-ON – “With You”

The other day we had said there was news about BACK-ON doing the new opening sequence for the game Tales of World: Radiant Mythology 3. Today, they made the announcement via their official page!

BACK-ON will be releasing their new single With You feat ME on February 9, 2011. Track list includes “With You feat Me,” “Shooting Star,” and “With You -Tales Remix-“. There will be also be a Limited Edition and a “First luxury award”.

Don’t forget they will be kicking out another single Tell Me on January 19, 2011!

[Theme song] BACK-ON

Indeed, BACK-ON is truly ‘back-on’ the music scene! *shot for pun* It was revealed recently, thanks to a familiar source, that BACK-ON will be collaborating with a band called ME for the opening theme to the upcoming game Radiant Mythology 3! If anyone remembers, BACK-ON had done the opening theme for the previous Radiant Mythology game. No one knows if this mysterious song will be on their January single “Tell Me,” but with time, we shall see! Not to mention our friend Sam is asking Teeda about the news via twitter, since he tends to reply to her… *sniffles* I wants celebrity replies. ToT


Radiant Mythology 2 OP Theme

Source: http://theotaku.com/worlds/cutepresea/#206944

[Single] BACK-ON – “Tell Me”

That’s right, BACK-ON has finally announced their long awaited single Tell Me. This will be their first official release since “One Step feat. mini” a year ago. The new single is set for January 19, 2011 and will most likely also include their most recent digital song “Discovery”.


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