[MV] Daichi Miura – Turn off the Lights

Mr. Eye Candy is baaaack!

Source: JPopAsia

[Single] Daichi Miura – Turn off the Light

Daichi Miura has announced details on his August single!

Turn off the Light will hit shelves on August 27, 2011! Track list includes “Turn off the Light,” “Wakare no beru (別れのベル),” and “After the Rain.” DVD contains the music video and no edit choreography version of the title track!

Stay tuned for more details!

[Single] Daichi Miura – TBA

Hot and sexy singer/dancer Daichi Miura is returning with a new single! The title has yet to be announced, but it is slated for August 24, 2011! Musical artist lecca will be doing the song writing this round!There will be three tracks on the single (I imagine “Touch Me” will finally have its official release via this single) plus a DVD with a new music video!

Single number: AVCD-16240, AVCD-16241

Stay tuned for more information!

Source: Daichi Miura official

[Live Ver] Daichi Miura – Touch Me


The live performance to Daichi’s “Touch Me” off his upcoming DVD Gravity is out! The song will be used as the opening theme to the tv show 「流派-R」 (“School -R”)

UPDATE: There’s also a radio rip of the song!

[Theme Song] Daichi Miura – Touch Me

*insert perverted fangirl’s pun regarding Daichi + this song title which will result in said fangirl’s death*

Lucky fans who attended Daichi Miura’s 2010 Live Tour got to hear a few new songs unheard of outside of concerts. Come May 25, all fans will get to watch on DVD all his performances which includes the new songs plus guest appearance from BoA!

Track List:
2. Inside Your Head
3. Flag
4. Crazy
5. Baby Be Mine
6. Delete My Memories
7. Your Love
8. One Step Closer
9. Gin no namida
10. Make it Happen
11. Open your Heart
12. Who’s the Man
13. Dance Number (Song title or actual dance? lol)
14. Possibility w/ BoA
15. Drama
16. Do Not Disturb (new)
17. Touch Me (new)
18. No Limit
19. Hypnotized
EN2. The Answer
EN3. Lullaby

The song “Touch Me” has been chosen as the opening to the music program 「流派-R」 (“School -R”) and will air in May~

Source: Daichi Miura’s official site, Oricon news

As much as I hate being wrong, if I’m incorrect on something, please tell me. I was using google translator to help me so I may have read something wrong ya know.

[MV] lecca & Daichi Miura – First Sight

FREEEEEEEEAAAKING OUUUUUUT!! I have to study but now I shall not. ;__;


[PV preview] Lecca & Daichi Miura – First Sight


*AHEM* Excuse me.

Finally got an audio clip of lecca’s collaboration song, “First Sight feat Daichi Miura!”

Kinda sad it’s hard to hear Daichi over lecca. . . hm

[Collaboration] Daichi Miura & Lecca team up for “First Sight!”

According to Daichi’s official site, talks are the air that there’s a special collaboration in the Avex network. lecca has recording a new song called “First Sight” which features our beloved Daichi Miura. The song will be featured as the opening theme TV Asahi’s FutureTracks –>R; it will officially broadcast on Feb. 3rd… which is pretty much today!


[MV] Daichi Miura – Drama ~Studio Dance Session~

Er, I wasn’t sure if this COULD be called a music video… but hey, he’s dancing and singing and being drop dead sexy. <3

So Avex decided to release the Studio Dance Session of Daichi Miura’s b-side track “Drama” off his 10th single Lullaby!

And this my friends, is why Daichi is the hot sensation he is!

[16 Japan Releases] December 15, 2010

I’m a little late this week due to work. We’ve got an interesting line-up this week!

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