[MV] F.T. Island – Let It Go!

HongKi dresses, looks, and jumps around like Taka of One OK Rock now. <.<“

[MV] M&D – Close Ur Mouth

Introducing a new collaboration team M&D (Midnight&Dawn) which consists of Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX’s JungMo! The duo kicked out the music video for their debut track “Close ur Mouth” which features Miss A’s Jia, F.T. Island’s HongKi & Jonghoon, Simon D from Supreme Team, and BEAST’s Jun Hyung!

[Single] F.T. Island – Let it go!

That bunch of workaholics F.T. Island is BACK in Japan with their new single Let it go! The Korean rock band released Satisfaction in April, their album Five Treasure Island in May, and their Korean comeback Return on June 6~ The new Japanese single kicks out on July 27, 2011!

Track List:
1. Let it go!!
2. Dream Sky
3. Someday
4. Let it go!! (Instrumental)
— DVD includes live release events of Satisfaction and Five Treasure Island, plus the music video for the title song.

“Hello Hello”
Korean comeback – June 6

Source: JpopAsia

[MV] F.T. Island – Hello Hello

F.T. Island is returning to Korea with their new mini-album Return on May 26, 2011.

Track List:
1. Hello Hello
2. Oh
3. 널 갖겠다
4. 고백합니다
5. Sunshine Girl

“Hello Hello”

Source: JpopAsia

[MV] F.T. Island – Haruka

Korean rock/pop band F.T. Island revealed the music video to one of their songs off their upcoming Japanese album Five Treasure Island! Grab your copies on May 18, 2011. The main vocalist Hongki stars in a new Jdrama Muscle Girl, where “Haruka” will be used as the main theme and “Itsuka” will be used as a insert song.

Track List:
1. Flower Rock
2. Satisfaction
3. Haruka
4. Brand New Days
5. Mi.Ra.I
6. Itsuka
7. So Today…
8. yume
9. Rock’n’roll
10. Boom Boom Boom
11. Music Life
12. Friends
13. Treasure


[Full MV] F.T. Island – Satisfaction

[MV Teaser] F.T. Island – Satisfaction

F.T. Island is about to kick out their new Japanese single titled Satisfaction! Track list includes the title song, “Friends,” “I want,” and the instrumental to “Satisfaction”.

The song has also been chosen as the ending theme song to the crossover anime ONE PIECE x Toriko!

Stay tuned for the full music video!

[Single] F.T. Island – Sad Promise

Source: ihoneyjoo
Genre: Rock

[Performances] Key, Taemin, & Min MC on Music Core

BoA- Copy & Paste

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[Performances] Beast wins on MCountdown + Special Treat

So my normal source for the performance shows did not post MCountdown yesterday however Allkpop did so without further delay- Enjoy~

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