[MV] HAM – 눈높이를 낮추고 (Lower Your Sight)

Source: Tonykpopmv

[MV] HAM – 두근두근 (Tomorrow/Pit A Pat)

Source: Bestofasian
Genre: Pop

[Performances] Last night on Music Core!

Buzz – I hate Women

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[Performances] 2NE1 Wins 4th Crown MCountdown!

For four straight weeks 2NE1 has won every crown on all the performance shows including MCountdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo. They won their 4th crown on MCoundown last night and are completely unstoppable!<3<3<3

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[MV] HAM (Heart & Mind) – So Sexy

Source: BestofAsianTV
Genre: Pop

[Performances] 2NE1 AGAIN wins on Mcountdown

The girls are completely unstoppable and even Beast & Se7en combined could not hold them down! Just as their song says “Can’t nobody can’t nobody hold us down” they meant it.

Please Note: If you are having trouble loading youtubes after watching a few, refresh!

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[Teaser] HAM- So Sexy

the girl group HAM is making their comeback with one member short. The song is not really my style… way too provocative but Enjoy~

Source: Allkpop