[Album w/Tracklist] Home Made KAZOKU – Akatsuki

The one and only Home Made KAZOKU is exciting fans with announcement of their new album Akatsuki! This will be their 6th full length album which drops on September 28, 2011! The album includes their past hit singles “Nukumori” and “FREEDOM”~

Track List:
1. Akatsuki (Intro)
3. Sutā to rain
4. So So Hot!!!
5. No. 1
7. Jounetsu no Switch
9. Boku ha koko ni iru
10. Nukumori
11. Gift
12. Rolling Party


Cause it’s a beautiful win~

[Jacket Cover] Home Made Kazoku – FREEDOM

Two sexy jacket covers in one day?! Jean is happeh. :D:D:D:D

[TV Size] Home Made Kazoku – FREEDOM

The new ending for Naruto Shippuden has just been revealed!

Home Made Kazoku – FREEDOM


[Single] Home Made Kazoku – FREEDOM

Update: Jacket Cover added! (4/28)
Update: MUSIC VIDEO ADDED (5/27)

Home Made Kazoku has announced a new single! FREEDOM has already been chosen as the new ending theme for the popular anime series Naruto Shippuuden! The single kicks out on June 1, 2011! Catch your copy on CDJapan or Yesasia!

Track List:
2. No Rain No Rainbow ~Fickle Remix~
3. FREEDOM ~instrumental~

Music Video

[UStream] Home Made Kazoku – Valentine’s Day Special!

Apparently, UStream season is in for Japan!

Home Made Kazoku is partnering with Rekochoku and holding a live special Valentine’s Day broadcast on February 14th via UStream! Translations, again, are very rough, (I wish I had a perfect translator…) so the details are… odd. They will also be taking tweets on twitter, something called “Valentine Poem.”

Looking at the description on UStream, they will also be picking 7 lucky callers to hold a live phoning with? Yep, It’s a call-in program. (WHY CAN’T I LIVE IN JAPAN?!) Phone lines open one minute before show, which is when the 7 lucky winners will be picked. They will be holding this broadcast via Ustream on February 14 at 21:00 Japan Time, which is 6AM-8AM on Feb 14 Central time in the US.

HMK’s UStream channel


[MV] Home Made Kazoku – Motto Kimi o


Must have waited A MONTH for this! DXXX <3 So glad it’s out now<3

The youtube video is down, all we got is youku:

[MP3] Home Made Kazoku – Motto Kimi wo

STILL waiting on the music video! At least we can settle for the mp3~

DAMN, this song is soooooo beautiful. Micro is ah-mazing in it~

[Previews] Home Made Kazoku – seven emotions

*UPDATE* Full Mp3 for Motto Kimi wo has been added!

I’m an impatient child when it comes to my music bias. I don’t think I can keep it in until the actual music video or youtubized previews, so I’ll go ahead and post the wonderful previews that sony music has provided us:

Track List:
1. Theme of seven emotions ||Audio Preview||
2. Motto kimi o (もっと君を…) ||MUSIC VIDEO Preview||
3. Eru (エール) ||Full MP3||
4. Big City ||Audio Preview||
5. Kokoro no hana (心の花) ||Audio Preview||
6. Goodbye as much as thank you  ||Audio Preview||
7. Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ -Fickle Remix- ||Audio Preview||

Does anyone else get an edgy.. funk vibe from it? Or is that just me? It may be just me… pretty good nonetheless <3 I’m looking forward to ‘Motto kimi o’ and ‘eru’~

Also, did anyone ever see this: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/KS/HomeMadeKazoku/m_disco_uta.html I *think* this is every song, every version of every song, every collab song, every.single.thing. they have produced, even the new stuff and their versions are on there!! I-i-it’s a directory! I need to know how to obtain ALL these songs!!!! MY NEW LIFE GOAL. *runs away*

[Album] Triceratops – We Are One -Certificate-

It’s a rare occasion; I’m back-tracking for this one. I didn’t mean to miss it!

Rock trio Triceratops have been the talk of the town recently with their mini-album We Are One -Certificate-! It released on December 29, 2010, and I guess it serves as a follow-up to their 10th album We Are One.

Track List:
1. We Are One
2. Can to Can’t no Passport feat Sugawara Takuro of 9mm Parabellum Bullet
3. Startin’ Lovin’ feat May J.
4. Bakuon Time feat Fujii Fumiya
5. We Are One -FICKLE REMIX- feat Home Made Kazoku

“Startin’ Lovin” feat May J.

[18 Japan Releases] October 27, 2010

So sorry I’ve been gone for the past 4 days. I got hooked on the Korean drama ‘Playful Kiss.’ Usually when I watch a Korean drama, it’s bad news for everyone ‘cept me.. well, even I’m not safe seeing how I skip classes to watch more. But yes, that’s what I’ve been doing. I highly recommend that drama too, it’s VERY cute. <3

Onward to business: We’ve got a big line-up of releases for tomorrow, October 27, 2010, so shall we get the move on? :P

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