[MV] KARA – Step

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[MV] KARA – Jet Coaster Love

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[Epitone MegaMixup] ft. Robotaki, Areia, Rexrowdee, & DJ Amaya

This 14min long mixup was created by Epitone with some of the best kpop remixes by Robotaki, Areia, Rexrowdee & DJAmaya.

Songs include:
GDragon – Breathe
Narsha – Mamma Mia
GD&TOP – High High
Kara – Jumpping
2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Son Dam Bi & Afterschool – Amoled
2PM – Without You
Far East Movement – Like a G6

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[CF] Kara for TBC

Kara’s new song is also played during the CF and is called Jet Coaster Love

KARA has teamed up with Japanese aesthetics company TBC to headline the campaign, “Kirei wa, TBC kara” (“Beauty comes from TBC”). The word “Kara”, which also means “from”, was cleverly incorporated into the slogan in order to further promote the group’s position as spokespersons. —Tokiohive

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[MV] Kara- I’ll Write You A Letter

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Genre: Ballad

[Mini Album] 2011 Kim Hyung Suk With Friends Pt.1

01 Kara – 편지할께요 (I Will Write)
02 유리상자 – 영원히 둘이서 (Two Of Us Forever)
03 Na Yoon Kwon – 그날 이후로 (Since The Day)
04 이영현 – 사랑은 언제나 목마르다 (Love Is Always Thirsty)
05 Lyn – 늦은 후회 (Late Regrets)
06 Kim Hyung Suk –  편지할께요 (I Will Write Inst.)

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[Remixes] 6 releases!

[MasaMixes Mashup] 2010 Part 2 (60 songs in one!)
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[Dae Mul OST] Jiyoung & Gyuri – My Love

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Genre: Ballad

[MV] Sungje(Supernova) & Jiyoung(Kara) – Merry Love

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[Teaser] Sungje (Supernova) & Jiyoung (KARA) – Merry Love

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