[MV] Ken Hirai – Itoshiki hibi yo

Ken Hirai is releasing his 34th single Itoshiki hibi yo on May 4, 2011. The title song is the theme song to the TV series JIN; single includes b-side track “Run to you.”

[19 Japan Releases] November 10, 2010

Whew, this is the most releases I’ve written on so far. Consider yourself lucky seeing how I’m procrastinating the cleaning of my hideous room. ;~;

Enjoy! :D

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[13 Japan Releases] October 13, 2010

I missed a lot of last week’s releases! I apologize for that~ I’m on top of it this time thanks to Fall Break starting today! So here’s the releases for October 13, 2010, and remember, I will try to link to previous articles to avoid overloading with videos:

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