[Teaser] Navi – Diary

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[Special Message] Happy Birthday Navi!

Luminosity did a special birthday present for Navi, one of the greatest underrated singers in Korea. Navi has a beautiful voice and such talent we want to be sure to wish her a happy birthday and three year anniversary. Below is a collab video of fan works beautifully put together by Mardi<3

Happy Birthday Navi!

[Performances] G.NA wins on Inkigayo & Special BigBang Show Preview

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[Performances] Seungri Wins On Inkigayo

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[Performances] Last Night On Music Core

Lee Jung – Lets Dance
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[HD Perfromances] Secret Wins on Music Bank

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[HD Performances] Last Night On Music Core

HD One Way – Rainy Days

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[Contest] Collaboration CD Giveaway

Luminosity, Earcandy Express, & Bump This is holding a collaboration CD giveaway contest! CDs that will be included in the giveaway will be Navi’s Hello, Piggy Dolls’s Piggy Style, One Way’s Rainy Days, Standing egg’s With, DiA’s My Story, and Mate’s With Mate. To enter the contest is easy! Click Here for more rules&info!

[Performances] TVXQ Wins On Inkigayo

Every perfromance last night was amazing and there are so many good artists in the line up today especially some unexpected ones like GD&TOP and One Way. Be sure to watch!

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[Album] Navi – Hello Vol. 1

01 다시 돌아가 (Feat. JunHyung Of Beast)
02 잘 된 일이야 [Below]
03 놀라워라
04 오늘도 난
05 마음이 다쳐서 (Feat. Crown J)
06 끝까지 들어
07 우리 정말 사랑했어요 (With K.Will)
08 I Love You
09 길에서
10 눈물도 아까워 (Feat. Hyuna Of 4minute)

Source: Mardi @ luminosity / Scorpiolimpy
Genre: Ballad / Pop